Wednesday, September 29, 2010

McManda’s Wedding


I had a few titles floating around in my head for this post -

“And the boys wore watermelon” a quip at Amanda’s color choice, she called it watermelon and I dubbed PINK (in all caps, shouted…loudly)

“For the Facebook Phobic” a poke at my friend Lauren who can’t seem to bring herself to join the fun but is desperate to see my slave labor tablescapes.

“Flower girl” Ok, not creative but Claire WAS the flower girl and seeing how she is the focus of the blog it works…right?

DSC_0829 DSC_0494 DSC_0467

But alas it’s after midnight and a late afternoon coffee (bad idea!) has kept me wide awake, well that and the fact that I’m finally back online (!) after a storm knocked my phone and internet out (my lifeline!) and I have about 30 million things I want to read and catch up on.

But here I am dropping off a few favorite photos to share with you all with an untitled post because I just can’t think of anything catchy and clever this late at night.

I’m used to photographing wee-folk, but here’s a go at some wedding photography:


Aunt McManda smooching her new hubby DJ, note Claire’s headband hanging out in my bouquet – I didn’t notice that until just now!


Hello Photoshop, you are my friend indeed. I fully intend to blur out the groom’s eyes. Who kisses with their eyes open (let alone stares at the camera during a smooch?) You’re a freak DJ but I love ya anyway.


Ooh! A baby picture, how did that sneak in here? My sweet niece Jessica (or Jessa as Claire calls her) who snoozed through most of the reception.

Yes, the centerpieces were all hand made – on site, by yours truly and a few good friends of the bride. And no, we did not get much sleep the days leading up to wedding. We had to set the tables, and with a ton of dried orchids leftover, came up with the GORGEOUS place settings you can see in the second album. A stroke of genius I tell you! Look out Martha, I’m eyeing your job.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yee-Haw! Biker Claire!


Claire got an early birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy! Check out her new ride - a two wheeled speed machine. Claire loves gliding down hills at the park (both paved and unpaved) and is DSC00379remarkably fast on her new balance bike.

Claire’s feet are up so much now, she’s really getting the hang of balancing and we’ll skip training wheels altogether when she outgrows this bike.

I'm getting some great workouts keeping up with her and while I wished we lived somewhere with sidewalks, I’m content with throwing the bike in the car for a quick ride in the park. Huggy Bear is a favorite passenger, his magnetic hands clip on and he stays put for all but the bumpiest rides.


Here are a few videos of Claire on her favorite new plaything:

Friday, September 3, 2010


We had a great time in Aruba this year! I'm still going through photos so here are a few to enjoy! Sorry about the quality, my allotted space is almost used up here on blogger/picasa so I needed to shrink the photos.

And some more are here:

and here:

and here:

My personal favorite from the trip may be this one:


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