Monday, February 15, 2010

Evolution of Claire’s Art

I’m reading a great book right now by Susan Striker called, “Young at Art.” It’s all about educational and developmental theory behind art experiences for the under 4 crowd. There’s a lot of great (if overwhelming) information in the book, a lot of it geared right towards toddlers. I’m fascinated with her diagrams of the evolution of children’s scribbles and agree with her adamant support of their necessity. Striker also wrote the “anti-coloring book” series so judging by her standards, my drawings of Ray and Daddy that often grace Claire’s artwork (at her request, I swear!) has totally ruined her chances of being the next Picasso…

I think it’s really interesting to see that a year ago Claire’s artwork was really open and swirly.


Claire literally stabbed the color on the page with the brush and ignored the fingerpainting option for the most part. There was lots of white space left on the page and it was definitely more of a kinesthetic paintbrush experience. She started exploring the paint with her hands a few months ago and the resulting picture still looked similar to me.


We've used paint on a couple of different surfaces. Rocks, jeeps and walls (yeah, that last one was unintentional).

Painting Jeep_1

Something is definitely changing though. This is what Claire painted a few days ago:

She was so intent on this circular shape (I won’t call it a blob…I think Striker would find it disrespectful, heehee). It started out small and Claire just circled her arm around and around and around. Her work is really starting to fill the page and I see lots of connected lines and enclosed shapes too. It seems we’re entering Claire’s “realism” phase because somewhere in most of these drawings are Grandma Caca’s, snakes, food and lady bugs (well, the lady bugs could be real…there are quite a few buzzing around the house again).

So I’m going to start sharing more of Claire’s creations online here. I love each and every masterpiece but rather then save each one (Striker thinks every, single, sacred piece should be put in a portfolio) I’ll combine the Warldorf philosophy of saving the best of each method/experience and my own stance on photographing everything to show the progression of her skill. Fair? I hope so!

Do you have a drawer full of stashed children’s artwork? How do you store it? I intend to frame some to show Claire she can make “real art” but there are only so many walls in my house. I’m soliciting advice here people, give it freely :-)

or you might just become the recipients of boxes of black swirly masterpieces that I’ll expect to be framed, hey wait, I’m on to something!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Breath of Spring


DSC_0167 Our state might have gotten hit with a blizzard but Claire and I are enjoying just a little bit of spring in the house. About 3 weeks ago I grabbed some clippings of our forsythia bushes and then, just in time for a whole pile of snow they decided to burst into bloom, what a treat to see these flowers as we look out onto 2 feet of snow!

My little helper who is suffering from an awful cold decided to stay indoors yesterday and play gardener with me. Claire watered all the plants (multiple times) and hugged her tulip in an attempt to get it growing faster. We repotted bunches of houseplants and cleaned up the subsequent mess in a vacuuming duet, Claire choosing to push her carriage and make sounds effects and occasionally trying hand at her dustbuster.

DSC_0176 DSC_0174 DSC_0173

All in all a nice quiet day at home! There’s plenty of snow left and we’ll get out there for some snow forts before it melts.


DSC_0179 See that little stub of green? (Yes, the one Claire is trying to pinch).It’s one of the leftover tulip bulbs we planted two weeks ago.

Hopefully a few weeks in the cold garage will be enough to trick them into blooming. So far it does appear that they are sprouting, cross your fingers and perhaps I’ll have some colorful tulips to photograph in mid-March.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Persistent, obsessed, manic...these might be the words to describe Claire's new found insistence on independence. Any attempt to help is met with foot stomping, eyebrow scrunching and an adamant - "I do it myself!!"

The latest battle of wills is over zipping up the coat. I'm doing my best to leave time before outings so Claire can work it out herself. Most of the time, with a bit of time and patience (usually needed on my part), she succeeds.

Self-sufficiency here we come!

PS - Are you all tired of photos of Claire in the snow? Mother nature dropped another 2 feet yesterday and I'm wondering if I should post ANOTHER snow man entry. I think I need some topic ideas here...

or maybe I'll just post a video of Claire playing her favorite new game, "Baby Bird." She flaps her wing and runs around the house skipping and shouting "tweeeeeet tweeeeet! I a baby bird!" Heehee.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Window Seat

I love photographing Claire while she gazes out the window (exhibit A and exhibit B amongst many others on the blog I'm sure).

Today is no exception and I enjoyed her narrative to her toys all about the things happening in our backyard. "Yook! Huggy Baby, 'dere's my playhouse! My bike! I ride my bike outsiiiide!"

She lines up all her softy friends and Huggy falls down which seems to crack Claire up. It's good to be 2 I think. 

Monday, February 8, 2010


is a virtue and since I have now charged up my camera battery I will soon have new pics to share. Don't worry Grandbob, the wait is almost over! :-)

We're off to the library (and LI to drop Caca off) and I'm super excited to pick up some Valentine's themed books for this week. I LOVE the online reservation feature at the library, it's like "Book-flix" and seems to cut my trips down to 3 visits a week, heehee.


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