Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My neighbors are away for the week so Claire and I are looking after their beagle. They hung up the infant swing for Claire to use and we're taking advantage of it every chance we can.

Aren't these pictures just too cute? Allow me to narrate the conversation Claire had with me:

"Mom, this is great and all but aren't you going to put down that camera and push me?"
"I la-la-la-love the wind in my toes, just a little higher...please?"

WHOA, Yeee-haaaa! LOOK AT ME FLY!
Can't you just eat up that excited smile of hers in this pic? Claire's little piggies curled in happiness and those little thighs were pumping like crazy. It was too cute.


  1. These pictures are great. She looks like she is having a wonderful time. Can't wait to see her soon.

  2. she needs to stop being so cute. i can't take it anymore.

  3. Glad to see the hat. Hope Claire remembers the sun screen on the these wonderfully bright spring days. Love you guys!!!

  4. Looking at Claire in the swing brings back many great memories of Ron and I taking the triplets to the park. They all love the swing. We still bring them to the park but now its a little more nerve racking because now they want to climb the jungle jim and I am afraid that they are going to fall and hurt themselves. We still all love going to the park.


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