Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hen Party at Kim's House

Hooray! Today was Claire's first playdate! Kim organized a playgroup and Claire had a blast playing with the 9 month old twins next door. Also in attendance were some "big kids" - Lily, Nicholas and Giovannah (comment spelling corrections if you have 'em).

The twins and Claire have played together before, but today was the first time they really took notice of one another.

When I arrived, I put Claire in the play yard with Ryan and he just giggled and giggled. They cooed and smiled at each other...and then that fresh little boy stuck his hand in Claire's diaper. She promptly chomped on his ear to defend her virtue. We're keeping an eye on that kid ;-)

Three year old Giovannah loved the babies. She kept hugging the boys and Claire in her sweet three-year old way which meant lots of adult intervention was needed, but it was really cute how motherly she was with them. Nicholas (3) is a great big brother and super patient with Claire and t twins. He didn't seem to mind Lily dismantling and chewing his train set much either. Lily is the one in the photos showing off her belly button, she's turning 2 this October. Unfortunately missing from my photos are the kids all in the bathtub together. Claire and Nicholas seized this opportunity to monopolize the living room toys while the twins splashed away oblivious. Next to be dunked were Nicholas and Giovannah - hopefully Kim took some pictures and will and post a link to them (hint, hint Kim!).

Here's a link to all the photos - with all the kids I didn't take too many, but there are some really cute ones!


  1. Hurray - new pictures!!! So glad to see Claire with other children. She should get the experience so she will know how to be a good sister someday ;-) (No presssure, honest).

  2. i just loved seeing claire with the arapkiles children. you are quite fortunate to have such wonderful neighbors!

  3. I am soo happy that Claire has friends close by to play with! And Nicolas looks like he is playing wonderfully into the big brother role :). I can't believe how big the twins are...or that this is only the first time I am seeing them.


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