Friday, October 31, 2008

Ready for Mischief!

Claire got wind of the big kids in our neighborhood celebrating mischief night. Of course she wanted to participate. She dug out her gnarliest black sweatsuit and grabbed some toilet paper to join in on the fun. For Halloween Claire is dressing up as a long necked, four legged creature that roams the African Savannah...have you guessed yet? Come back later after trick-or-treating and I'll have some photos to share. Word is we're meeting up with twin dalmation dogs and Handy Mandy and then heading to the mall to score some candy! Our new neighbors across the street have decorated so nicely...poor things don't realize that no kid is going to schlep up the gigantic hill for a couple of kit-kats. To let them down easy Dan and I are planning on heading over there tonight with our little goblin...I mean giraffe.

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