Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vegan Cake, Yum!

Ewww! We're having some major septic issues over here, just to give you an idea my facebook status reads:

Regina thinks the water spewing from the septic lid is probably not the best "fountain" for her garden landscape. UGH!

Anyhow, I was relieved to notice a post on a friend's blog this morning. I'm saved! I can handle our mess here and not have to run out and take photos of Claire for some new blog content!

Sky G. runs a great blog over at Eats Well With Others dedicated to spreading the word about all the yummy vegan digs she checks out. Swing by and check out this entry, you might just see a photo of lil miss Claire!

By the way, I fixed the comment form (thanks GrandBob for pointing it out!) so feel free to leave us your thoughts!


  1. haha took me a while to see that..
    Claire, you look like you're enjoying that cake veryyy much!! MMM.

    This doesn't count as a post Regina!!

  2. Does too count as a post McManda! I don't see YOUR blog updated!!

  3. I don't know Gina. How many degress of separation are the cut-off between a post and a non-post? We'll let you slide this time.

    I cannot get over how much Claire is changing/growing up recently. She is no longer a baby. Now we will have to wait for Aidan to fill that gap and begin to enjoy Claire's official toddlerhood. I cannot believe she will be 19 months in a couple of weeks and before we know it she will be a terrible 2-yr old!

    Love you guys,


  4. Who is this Sky "G" who writes a blog with the same name as mine? Weird...



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