Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Share My Cupcake? NO!

DSC_0190Another highlight of last weekend’s bridal shower for were the delicious cupcakes for dessert. These cupcakes were TASTY and Claire enjoyed every single bite.

I made the mistake of asking for a taste - take a look at the last image (in black and white) where Claire is glaring at the camera and saying her newest word, “MINE!”


Ever the toddler, Claire now chants “no no no” with a rolled n sound when you ask her a question. Her head shakes no at the same time, it’s rather cute if you don’t allow yourself to get frustrated!

Ahhhh…the beginning steps towards independence. Slideshow linky here, enjoy!


  1. Claire, I check everyday to see what's new with you. I have to say that I miss being able to see you in person, but I send hugs and kisses just the same.

  2. Good Girl, Claire! Tell your mommy to get her own cupcake:) I wouldn't want to share mine either. Love, Laur

  3. hey! are you guys going up to the trapshoot this year? and hahah is that a shoprite sticker on her arm?

  4. That is no sticker Ginny, it's a hardcore Shoprite tattoo! We had her inked at the state fair, she's a tough kid ;-)

    So far it's looking good for us coming up to NY for the trapshoot - I can't wait! We'll have to teach Claire to say "GINNY!" now so she's ready to go with it by labor day!

  5. ahahah oh wow, i had no idea they made those! and awesome, i can't wait to see you guys! it's been pretty long! i can't wait to see how big Claire got! and yessss hah you have to teach her my name!

  6. What a cutie! Stumbled across your BLOG from Top Baby Blogs!

  7. Gina, it might just be me, but the cupcakes are stale already. We need more photos.

  8. Grand-Bob and Grand-CeeSeptember 2, 2009 at 2:54 PM

    Hey - we need new pix!!!!


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