Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Future Foodie?

I sometimes wonder about this kid I'm raising...are there other toddlers out there who INSIST on licking the bowl after making chicken liver pate???

We made this today for lunch and Claire happily helped load up the food processor and push the "WHIIIRRRR" (her description).

No photos...I was too busy making sure there was not a liver-splosion in the kitchen!

Here's the recipe - we've made this twice now. I add a dash of maple syrup and skip the fish adding some salt instead, and some fresh thyme too since I'm trying to use up my windowbox herbs!



  1. Okay Claire, it's time now to start bugging Mom to post some new pictures. Tell her to take some time off from cooking peppers.

  2. I agree Grand-Bob....Gosh, who on earth would want sausage and peppers?? Sheeze.
    the nerve .
    You honestly need new pics b/c I can't access Facebook.


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