Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Put on your "jammers," tousle your hair and play with me this morning!

You'll need a paintbrush and some watercolors, and a favorite furry friend to help.

You'll need blocks for "bidding castel towers weel high," and a silly smile for knocking them down.

You'll need a noble steed to ride upon. Now rock, rock, rock with me!

You'll need to run around and around until your stomach growls.

And then it will be time for breakfast. Yum.

More photos here, click on the slideshow to view them larger:


  1. I cant wait to be there this week and join in the play.

  2. Oh i'm jealous CaCa...

    Claire is getting SO big!! Kiss her for me please?? And not your type of kiss, don't slobber the poor kid. Normal people kiss :)

  3. She is such an unhappy child...

    I want to come over to play too!

  4. I think she gets her bed-head from me!


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