Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There was too much snow to build a snowman in the backyard during our last storm. I had to carry the poor kid out to her playhouse because the snow was well past Claire’s waist and she couldn’t walk in it. This photo was taken about 3 days after the big storm, nearly 6 inches had already melted, it was insane!


So we moved our snowman building efforts into the plowed driveway. Claire grabbed her little shovel and wound up with a nice toddler sized snowman. She wanted stick arms and a carrot nose (just like the Kipper book we’re reading). I just had to share this picture of Claire’s errrr… “anatomically correct” snowman.





  1. Hmm,it's about the carrot. Thank God it's spring!

    Happy Easter everyone.

    Love, A. Ann

  2. Here it is the 7th of Apr and it will be almost 90 degrees F today. Can it be that we had snow only a month ago? Time for some cheery Spring pictures of Claire planting crops.


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