Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feathering Nests


During the past few months we’ve faithfully provided food for our little feathered friends to help them weather the cold. Claire has spent many mornings engaged in observation while snug in her pajamas. She’s laughed at the antics of the tree clinging nuthatches and the ever clever tufted titmouse, all from her perch in our living room window. To say we adore our little birds is an understatement.


Today, we are welcoming spring with homemade nesting material dispensers! I hope this will entice the birds to stick around through our gardening season eating bugs and laying eggs (hopefully where we can watch the chicks hatch).


We gathered a bunch of yarn, ribbon, dried grass and pillow fluff and stuffed it all into an onion bag. Hooray for recycling! Claire had a ball snipping the yarn into manageable pieces for the birdies. We also draped bits of yarn all over our bushes, it’s quite festive looking out there!


We’ve got our fingers crossed for lots of multicolored nests this spring! Every year there have been a few nests in the forsythia bushes, hopefully the birds will weave some of our colorful goodies into their creations.

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  1. Oh that's so cool! Maybe I'll do that for my birds! Of course the neighbors may think I am just strewing trash around but it would be fun to see colorful nests if my birds ever come back.....Do pigeons make nests?


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