Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Fall!

With the unseasonably warm weather we took the baby out for her first walk in the neighborhood for some "leaf peeping." Dan had to defend her little head from all the falling acorns, good thing she was in the bjorn!

James and Cat came up Sunday for a visit and we took the baby to a nearby state park for a BBQ and a quick hike. Quote of the weekend? "I'll pass the baby back to Mommy," says James as he hands Claire to Cat. Hahaha.

Oh...and there's also Cat's quote, "is this a changing station thing?" while looking at the electric griddle on the kitchen counter. I know Cat, I HAVE to mention it was in the dark, but it was still pretty hilarious.


  1. Look out, James! Babies are contageous! Bob and Ceil

  2. You have to know that neither set of our parents have seen this yet, lest they get their hopes up. ;-) Someday maybe, but not just yet. We have a lot of babysitting Claire first!


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