Saturday, October 27, 2007


Gina tries to absorb some of the baby's heat after taking a shower...perhaps a hair dryer would do the trick, right Nanny? :-) Check out Claire's new stuffed pony - thanks Joan!

Here's Dan with his three loves: baby, Gecko and that teal recliner.

The cats have been great with the baby. We were a little worried about Raymond (just because of his size) but they seem to ignore Claire for the most part. Gecko does like to "prarie dog" next to the swing when the baby is in it. He is so curious!


  1. Claire is soooo beautiful - no prejudice here!

    G-Mom and Grand-Bob

  2. I was in a tack shop this weekend and was looking at little stuffed horses just like that! I'm glad you (and Joan, apparently) are in on the plan to have her riding before she can walk. ;-)


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