Monday, November 26, 2007

That Baby in the Mirror!

We've been cracking up at Claire finally noticing herself (is it me? is this another baby?) in the mirror. She smiles, laughs and seems to just go crazy when she see herself. We like to say "is that baby in the mirror smiling at you, again?"

Claire seems really thrilled when we get down next to her swing and stick our smiling reflection next to hers.

Of course sometimes she frowns at herself unintentionally and then starts crying like's pretty funny.

Since she's holding her head up pretty well I decided to try out the spin and play gym. She seemed pretty excited about finding another baby hidden inside the mirror!

I think it's hard to tell in the first picture, but the baby is on this little ladybug spinner. She can kick her legs and flex her arms to spin herself around to the different toys on the flower petal. It's pretty cool, she's just not quite up to the spinning part yet. The one time she moved herself away from the mirror she got pretty upset that her friend had disappeared!

Another thing I've been noticing is her receding hairline. I guess that full head of hair she was born with is soon to be a thing of the past! Anyone else pick up on this from the photos?

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  1. What a cool toy! I have never seen that one. She is just so cute. I LOVE the pics of mommy, daddy and baby out in the snow.


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