Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend at the Grands!

While Dan was off hunting for the weekend (no deer!) Claire and I headed down to sleepover Grandbob and his wife's house. (Ceil has yet to pick out a name, suggestions welcomed). Claire was her usual happy self and managed to fall asleep in a cute position again courtesy of the boppy. We were having some "tummy time" and I guess all the new muscles used to grin at us wore little Claire out, she feel asleep right in the middle of our game.

I saw these things called babylegs on the internet and thought they would be a cute alternative to tights for the winter. G-Mom Cherill whipped out the sewing machine and we made a few pairs of our own after finding a tutorial online.

Showing the baby off this weekend was great, not to mention the food, yum!

The favorite activity of all the adults this weekend seemed to be "baby-watching." Every time Claire napped, twitched, burped or smiled she had an excited audience to witness it all.


  1. We miss you already Claire! Can't wait until Turkey Day!

    Love Grandbob and G-Mom

  2. I wish I could have been there, too! I could have baby watched while you guys made legs.

    Ceil better settle on a name before Claire starts to talk. My friend, Judy, ended up being called GAH-GAH. Her oldest grandchild is now 13, she's one of five and counting. That's a lot of GAH-GAH!!

    Love, A. Ann

  3. Love reading this blog and can't wait to meet Claire in December! Meanwhile I'll be crossing my fingers that Dan continues to be unsuccessful in his hunting endeavors. :)

    (Also, I think you have that link as when it should be

  4. Good catch Sky, at least my error didn't send everyone to a naughty website! :-)

  5. Thank you Sky! I did go to the wrong website. I was a more than a little surprised.

    A. Ann

  6. and my new life as a blog editor begins..... :)

  7. Great Pictures. This blog is addicting. I go to it everyday.

    Love Joanne


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