Sunday, December 16, 2007


Part of me is embarrassed to post how late I slept today...but I just had to document this! Claire and I have been hunkering down in the blue room while Dan's back is healing. Last night I fell asleep downstairs (as did the baby) and finally made it up around 2 o'clock in the morning. When I made it to the master bedroom, I smelled vinegar. The idiot cats had knocked over an entire gallon of it. Of course this adds another half-hour to an already late bedtime. So Dan takes the baby and I clean all that up and finally get to bed at 2:30...and find that now I can't fall asleep. Claire of course had no problem...even after a 2 am diaper change!

To make the story short I finally fell asleep around 3 and woke up this morning at 11:30! I can't believe Claire let me sleep that long. She's usually wide awake at 8 and ready to play! But Claire just nursed and fell right back asleep every couple of hours. Wow, am I lucky, or what?

An old photo from the hospital of Claire sleeping. She looks so tiny!

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  1. haha good job gecko:) i'm sure he was the culprit..jack was the lookout..and raymond was, well..we all know...sleeping:)


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