Monday, December 24, 2007

Cherill Family Pic

Here's a photo of the Cherill side in front of the tree as we celebrate Christmas Eve a day early. I'll correct the red eye and lighting another time but wanted to post anyway!


  1. What a great picture. Thanks for posting it!

  2. What a Beautiful Picture! xoxo Merry Christmas guys! -kelly

  3. Great family photo. Merry Christmas

  4. Dear Claire,

    Merry Christmas, Little One!! I hope that Santa brought lots of wonderful gifts your way since you have been so very good.

    One present that Santa will bring in July is a new baby cousin. Heather and Mike are having a little one to join the family so that our Christmas picture will have a baby in it, too.

    Love you, Claire.


  5. Hello Gina & Dan,

    Merry Christmas. :) Claire is a beautiful baby. Congratulations.
    I feel like just yesterday she was swimming around "under cover" in the pool. Hope all are well.

    Kathleen (Kelly's sister in law)


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