Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Claire's love affair with her toes continues. She's finally able to get them into her mouth and has been sucking on her piggies for the better part of an hour as type this. She rolled over back to front yesterday and has done it tons of times since then (good thing because I missed the first time it happened).

 Claire gets pretty frustrated with this rolling though, once she's on her tummy her beloved toes are out of reach (she has yet to discover the cirque du solei move where you put your toes behind your ears while on your belly).

Here are a few photos of Claire with her Mommy. She's sporting a mohawk with what little hair she has left. Daddy put up with the papparazzi long enough for me to get a few sweet photos of him and Claire hanging out together. These are from about two weeks ago and I think she's looking bigger already.



    sweet mohawk

  2. claire's hair looks like Auntie Edies' when I wake up in the AM!!


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