Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Bunny Comes to Town

No time for clever commentary, I'm on my way back to LI. These pictures speak for themselves anyway. More photos of the Easter Bunny's visit to Cedar Brook Drive located here: link to album.

And here's the obligatory embedded slideshow. How I love google's picasaweb...


  1. Ten Gold Stars for Uncle Matt!!! What great pictures. Happy belated Easter to all of you bunnies!

    Love, A.Annie

  2. I just looked at the album and realized that Gina took a turn at being the bunny. Ten gold stars for Gina, too.

  3. hahha that brings back memories when Gina was the Easter bunny at Covert Avenue...we still have those pics!

    Claire bear looks adorable...but cover her up it's cold out!!!


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