Saturday, June 14, 2008

Claire & Grandma Caca

Here are some cute photos I missed of Claire with my Mom - the infamous "CaCa." We're hoping she'll have some internet access soon so she can comment again. For now she receives the blog in print. These photos are from the visit where I whooped her in Scrabble thanks to a few seven letter bonuses ("mexican" and "wombats" if you were wondering).


  1. Carol - you look great! Looking forward to seeing you back on your feet again really soon!

  2. look at mom with her shirt and manicured nails=) love these pics they are so cute!! and watch out with claire against that screen door!!!! or is it glass??

  3. Leaving a message for Regina..but Hi Claire bear=) I'll see you saturday!!!

    Gina--check your email!


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