Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Matt & Baby, First Cheerios!

The quote went something like this "I don't feel compelled to hold other people's children." That was about 8 months ago when Claire was a newborn. Now look at Matt and his new friend :-) These are from Memorial Day weekend, I can't believe I forgot to post them!

And from the same day, here's Claire wearing Daddy's hat. What a silly baby. Yesterday I babysat for the twins next door so Kim could spend the day with Nicholas on a field trip. Claire sampled her first cheerio there from the floor and seemed delighted. She crawled around under the twins' highchair searching them out. Our little scavenger! Of course on his way home I made Dan stop for some of those Gerber cereal puffs. Finally, something she's interested in eating!

I'll try to get a video of our little munchkin snacking sometime today. Hopefully she eat in her high chair and not from the floor, I'm hoping it was the independence that inspired her to chew rather than the novelty of floor scavenging!


  1. Cheerios are baby lifesavers!

  2. She's just like her dad. He proved our kitchen floor was clean enough to eat off. He was always looking for Cheerios.

  3. i love it!!!
    one day I'll need a new banner=) now get more claire bear pics!!!!!

  4. Amanda is right! We are tired of Cheerios. We are hungry for more Claire photos. Hurry please.


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