Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Blog Entry by Claire


Look at me! Mommy is trying to nap because I woke her up at 5:30 this morning (teehee) so now I can get some time in surfing the Internet. Aren't I cute updating the blog? I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach the keyboard.

Here are photos of my Mommy and Daddy. They're always posting MY picture, so now I'll post theirs. Of course I'm showing my sweet mug off too. Au reviour my fans! Leave a comment, Mommy always reads 'em to me. I'm sure she'll be just tickled that I've been banging away on her keyboard.




  1. Hi, Claire. I am glad that you can reach the keyboard and send us pictures while mommy takes a nap. She needs her rest and we need more pictures. I like the one of you driving the car. You sure have a handsome booster seat. Do you have any photos with you kitties?

    Write soon!!!

    Love, A.Annie

  2. Yay Claire updates are so much more fun than Gina updates!! Claire now you need to post more pictures and videos of yourself. As you know, your a cute kid and we all want to see tons more of you! The only thing is while mommy is sleeping I need you to go climb on top of her (best to do this one with a stinky diaper) and then bounce with tush on her face like you bounce on Aunt Laurie's stomach. Believe me it'll be fun!! GOD I LOVE THE FACT THAT I HAVE A LITTLE ONE TO TORTURE MY SISTER WITH :)

  3. Gina, I guess Laurie forgot about the paybacks. I know you have to patiences to get even. Can't believe Claire is walking already. Babies today are so fast at everything. Anthony walked on his own at 18 months. Keep the pictures of Claire coming. I love seeing them. You and Dan can be in them too.

    Love, Joanne

  4. Forget the paybacks...this is payback for my entire tortured childhood!! Gina is evil!


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