Thursday, July 24, 2008



I forgot to post that our little munchkin is finally saying "Mom" and "Dad." It sounds like a "muhmuhmamama" when she wants me and Dan is known as "duh-dy (spoken quickly and repeated at least three times). Claire looks right at us when she says our names (oh God, we're Mommy & Daddy to someone).

DSC_0044 DSC_0048 DSC_0047

Here are the upright pictures I promised earlier today. What a big girl!

Our hydrangeas are in full bloom so of course I had to use one as a prop. I just wish I could get Claire to smile while DSC_0020examining the flowers. After trying all kinds of noises and frantic arm waving motions (which I'm sure cracked up my neighbors), I gave up and settled on a serious faced portrait instead. Oh well. I did manage to get ONE outside where she smiling. As always, I took waaay more photos than can fit in one blog entry. You can find the others here in my online album, or watch the slide show below.


  1. What a happy flower child! Thank you for all of the new photos, Gina. They help keep me busy while I wait for our little guy. Hugs and kisses all around!!

  2. She melts my heart...I miss you Claire!


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