Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday's Films

Make sure you have your sound up for this first one! We took trip to Barnes & Noble in search of some new reading material. I picked up Big Smile, Baby thinking Claire would like some of the smiling faces inside. Here she is jabbering away and enjoying herself. You can watch her play "Peek A Boo" with the monkey and poke at the baby's photo.

This is just a cute 30 second clip of Claire being sweet, lots of smiles and some walking thrown in. She's strutting her stuff in a cutesy pink outfit handed down from Kelly's daughter Kaitlyn! You can click on the butterfly below to view the rest of the videos on the blog's youTube channel.



  1. I can't get over how well Claire is walking around. I'll bet she is a lot of fun to read to and to have her "read" to you. I have loved all of the photos and videos this past week. My favorites are of the camping trip. You guys are very, very brave.

    Love, A.Annie

  2. That first video looks like Claire wants you to put down the camera and read her a book!


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