Sunday, November 30, 2008


We're back from Boston and thinking about Uncle Matt's comment on whether or not Claire had her first haircut got us to thinking we should try out a new 'do. Well...that and a lot of other folks (ahem Grandbob :o) ) pointing out that she seems to have enough hair for a ponytail.

Here's Goldilocks herself showing off her newest style! Unfortunately, Claire seems quite eager to eat the hair clips and a story involving a butterfly shaped object in a coworkers kid's tummy has sort of put me off styling her hair. Anyone know of some toddler safe hair clips?

More reviews on Boston later - we had a great time and need to snag the pictures from Aunt Nikki and Uncle Matt's camera! Claire gorged on tons of delicious turkey, chased Hiro the puppy around (and vice versa) and whined by the basement door dying to see Shackleton the elusive kitty.

Claire even met some of her anonymous blog readers - that's right I told you I'd call you out, Alice!

Our trip was great fun and Claire tolerated the long ride to Boston beautifully! Our return trip was really long due to holiday traffic, but she slept most of the way and we made a detour to Long Island for a play break...and to see sister's new apartment! Congrats Laurie and Matt!


  1. She's just too darned cute!

  2. It´s beatiful!!! Saludations from Spain

  3. That's our Claire! Jeese - we already miss you.

  4. We enjoyed meeting Claire over Thanksgiving weekend. She is as cute and charming as we expected...Alice

  5. OMG!! So cute. I STILL can't do that to Kailtyn and she is two.

  6. These are my most favorite pictures ever....I wonder how many times I have said that!?!? I need to find my old pictures of us as kids before next week. It's so funny the top color picture, Claire looks exactly like me. That middle picture is all Regina. And I see Dan in the bottom picture. A little angle change can make such a difference!

  7. Oh and thank you for the congratulations...hope you guys had fun at our new place! I'll try and post some pictures of it decorated for Christmas!!!


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