Monday, December 8, 2008

Roller Rink Photos!

I'm rather late posting these photos from our trip to toddler time at the roller rink, but I'm sure I'll be forgiven once you all see how cute the photos are.

Obviously, Claire is too young for skating, but the rink is open for kids under 4 to bring their ride-on or push toys and use them in a nice wide open area. They have a great indoor play area with all kinds of things to climb on too. I was too busy spotting our little monkey (and playing myself) to take photos in there though!

For the first hour of rink time it was just three of us. The kids, whose ages I hopefully have correct (Ryan - 13 months, Isabella - 15 months and Claire - 13 months) enjoyed swapping toys. Ryan, who is learning to walk really loved Claire's car walker and pushed it around the entire time. Claire and Isabella teamed up and pushed each other around in Ryan's car. The grass is always greener on the other side and other kid's toys are always cooler than your own, right?

Claire LOVED pushing everyone around in the wagons and was too cute. She'd ride around for a minute and then try and squirm out so she could push again. My goal for this week is to find a setting on my camera that takes nicer looking photos in the strange dim/fluorescent light in this place! There are a few more photos in the slideshow below.

Here's a link to the album online for downloading photos to your computer. I should also point out that if you click on the slideshow while it's playing it will take you to a full screen view in Picasa (thanks McManda!). I usually post it small so it will fit in my entries section :-)

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  1. What a fabulous idea! It's a great indoor activity for the too little ones to enjoy without the peril of the too big ones. Wish our roller rink had thought of this when our kids were too little.
    Love to all!!!!


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