Monday, July 20, 2009

Sand, Sun & More Fun at the Lake


Keep that nice weather coming! Here are a few more pics of Claire enjoying the beach.

Click above where it says “View Full Album” to see the rest of the photos. Here's a link to the fancy slideshow of images: click here. I’m trying yet another blog imaging format so fingers crossed that this works! Thanks to Grandma Caca who captured some great photos of Claire and I together in the water – it’s nice to actually be in some photos!



  1. These photos are terrific. We wish we were there with you.

  2. these pics are awesome - she always looks so happy :) good work, mom!

  3. these came sooo good ! What a wonderful time we had Thanks for sharing Claire with me I am thinking I may want to invest in a really good camera now :) I have the "shutter bug".


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