Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Hangin’ Around


I worked so hard to get this picture of Claire and Isabella hanging on the monkey bars together…I think it took about 20 takes…just as Claire would start hanging Bella would jump off and vice versa. Above is the closest I could get to a tandem hang. You should of seen the girls today (this photo is from a few weeks ago) they were hanging and swinging like little monkeys!

It's really quite amazing to see how strong their little arms and core muscles are. There are a few more “hang time” photos below and some pics of the girls chowing down on some strawberry smash lollipops Lauren brought along. Click “View Full Album” to see them all.

Claire doesn’t seem to have inherited my sweet tooth, she usually takes a few licks and passes her sucker along to me (yum!) Today she was eating squirts of mustard on a spoon right out of the fridge. Yes, she’s definitely a strange one.

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  1. very cute c: but where are the pics from NY?! you gotta get those up!


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