Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The Santa Claus(e) -

I want you to bring me toys mister, but if come much closer to me strange man and I’ll get you with my candy cane!


You know, we might have to nix this Santa visit every year. The first time she met the man, Claire pooped herself. This year it took Claire about 20 minutes to even enter the gymnasium and then (even after quite the cookie bribe from an eight grader) she wouldn’t go NEAR Santa. We had to stage this candy cane exchange to capture some images of Claire near the jolly red guy.

DSC_0043-2 (1)



  1. aww she is so cute ! She wasnt too scared just cautious. My Claire is a smart bear!

  2. I remember being terrified of the white bearded man. Claire I do not balme you! You are very cute, however.

  3. That's our girl! She's holding out for the whole basket of candy canes and a job as elf.


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