Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ha! Hee! ACHOO!

Funny thing about changing your kid's diapers - it's always an adventure! There have been some interesting discoveries in Claire's nappies - the raisin that escaped my salad fork, bits of hair the cats donate, and today a sneeze was unearthed!

Well, not really. But I needed a funny opener to tell the story. Usually, I rope Dan into changing Claire before he leaves for work. After nursing her throughout the night I'm usually a little dopey. She's been sleeping through the night the past few days so I've been on AM diaper duty. This morning we're enjoying a little bit of naked time, giving her bum some fresh air. Mind you, the diaper IS underneath her just in case a little something leaks out, I've learned my lesson about that! Next thing I know, Claire's nose starts wiggling and she lets out this explosive sneeze and pees all over me. She totally shot past the diaper and got my pant leg.

I swear the kid was laughing at me...


  1. Of course she was laughing. She knows she got you by the look of surprise on your face. I wish I could have seen the look on her face. Great shot Claire.


  2. Nothing like being peed, pooped or puked upon to make one feel like a parent! Welcome to the club.

    Grand-Bob (in Zurich and anxious to come home)

  3. YEAH CLAIRE!!!!!!! If she wasn't laughing at you don't worry, because I am...HAHAHAHAHA You get what you deserve!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA GO CLAIRE!! this is for all the times YOU SNEEZED ALL OVER ME!! :) i love you claire bear=)

  5. we are all laughing at you for that one gina :)


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