Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Splish Splash I Was Takin' A Bath!

These are the first pics of Claire taking a bath. If you recall she wasn't too fond of them at first...now she kicks her feet and squeals with delight! If only I could get her to open up her little fists, the "gunk" in there is pretty impressive for a kid who doesn't play in the dirt yet.


  1. Claire,

    When you are able to say a few GOOD words, ask daddy about his pictures when he was a baby. I have a few!! Hee hee hee

    Love Auntie Edie

  2. Claire, I hope you know how absolutely cute you are!!!! ;) Thanks for brightening my day as usual...and don't worry when you're 5 , Aunt Laurie plans to take you to Disney World!!!!! Now you have written proof.

  3. oh i'm coming too lau!! McManda's gonna get her self some McEars!! =) hhaha. claire should get some too, she'd look super cuteeee!!

  4. I am tagging along Claire! Disney is the only place your grandma loves to walk ! You can ask your Aunts and your mom ! You are going to just love "Its a small world" ride


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