Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Sleep Sequence and Claire's Newest Friends

With the craziness of the holidays past, I figured it was time for some updates! I enjoyed everyone's feedback at all the gatherings the past week and I'm so happy to hear that everyone is getting as much of a kick out of this blog as I am!

Claire was great with meeting so many new friends and relatives. There were a lot of "pass the baby" games and she didn't seem to mind whose arms she was in.

I'm sure in 9 months during the "stranger danger" phase we'll be longing for the early days where a warm body (ANY warm body) served her napping needs.

Claire is still a little drool machine and really needs to wear a bib at all times. I'm enjoying the bubbles she makes, it seems she can get almost ten on her lips at once. Here's a funny photo of her slobbering over her own reflection. Girls...they just can't get enough of themselves. :-)

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  1. It was so good to talk to you on New Year's day. Of course Mom and Dad will get you the snowmobile for next Christmas. I won't tell them you told me that!! Can't wait to see you for the first time.

    Love you very much, Auntie Edie


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