Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Copy Cat!


Claire liked the clothes cousin Amy passed along to us so much that she unpacked them all herself! Gecko (our brown tabby) was so excited about all the new smells that he had to make himself a new bed right on the dining room floor. Of course Claire had to join in, who doesn't DSC_0026 love an impromptu snuggle with their favorite kitty? The two of them rolled around in the clothes for about 20 minutes together, it was so hysterical! Claire is obsessed with the snow boots, the pink ones trimmed in fur are her favorite and she's stomping around in them as I write this.

Speaking of fur, have I mentioned what a patient, sweet cat Gecko is? He tolerates all of Claire's well intentioned tail pulling and eye poking with grace you wouldn't believe. Ray on the other hand, just seems to keep his distance until Claire falls asleep. Then he's happy to come up and sniff at her before curling himself up next to our little furnace baby.



  1. The clothes all over the floor are somewhat reminiscent of Dan's dorm room. Hopefully the excitement with the new clothes is the reason, and that Claire is a little neater in her housekeeping!

  2. HAHAAHAH These are great! Did she lay herself down like that or did you stage this?!?! This is almost as good as the tissue monster! Kind of reminds me of what our walk-in closet looked like as kids from all of our "fairy dance school" performances!

  3. OMG it looks like your room growing up (and still) ! but that beautiful happy face is worth the mess !


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