Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holy "Mol-E"


Well, vole to be precise. Cut me some slack here :-)

DSC_0031Dan's little garage buddy took a header into the salt bucket and lucky for him (or her) Dan heard the frantic scratching as the vole tried to escape.

Before setting the little guy free, Dan dropped the squirmy critter off at the back door for a little show and tell time with Claire. She was totally mesmerized DSC_0033and kept signing "more, more, more!" 

Gecko looked pretty intrigued too, I'll bet he was planning his next meal. The voles stick to the garage so unless he gets out, Gecko shouldn't see another one of these anytime soon!

Hooray for living in the country and all the wildlife we get to see!


  1. Aww poor lil guy! It makes me very happy to see that Claire and Gecko have become such good friends! Gecko is in for some serious trouble!

  2. it is really cute that Claire and Gecko are bestest buddies=] Is Ray under the bed during this whole shabang? Haha Rayyyy.

    Tell Claire she is getting too cute for words--that's why no one has been commenting=]

  3. I am surprised Gina didnt bring the vole is and keep it as a pet.Claire will get used to plenty of wildlife living in the wilds of Jersey :) And I agree with Mcmanda Claire is too cute for words.


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