Saturday, January 24, 2009

Introducing my sous chef

I was going to write a nice long entry about Claire helping me out in the kitchen while making pizza dough, but she woke up ruining my plans. I'll just share the photos instead - her flour covered nose tells the story perfectly. Click on the slide show again for larger photos, you'll want to see these close up for sure!


  1. too adorable!! and what a mess ! I see you paid attention and at least attempted to comb her hair.Seriously G we may have to send her for a kiddie makeover if you dont shape up. Great pics! It is great to cook with your little one

  2. Haha I like Mom's comment..
    I was on the phone while you were taking these photos so I truly enjoy them because I heard her at the same time=) She's getting so big!! I love these pictures, they're just too cute! And yes! thank you for doing her hair!!!!

  3. Claire shows great potential. She becomes one with the flour. She isn't making a mess...just memories.

  4. The pictures are great and Regina you are the perfect playmate. Everybody should have a Mommy like you.

  5. oh my gosh - how cute - glad u r including claire in the kitchen! now, was that pizza dough soaked beforehand? looking forward to catching up soon!


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