Monday, May 18, 2009

Fork and Spoon

Her hair may be messy but look at this big girl eating her morning oatmeal with a spoon! These little Gerber utensils are so cute and perfect for Claire's toddler hands. I love the fact that they came with a knife too for's all so "grown up!"

I have a sneaking suspicion that Claire might be going through another growth spurt. She's been ravenously hungry these past few days and has been climbing into her high chair impatient to eat. Or maybe I'm just a world class oatmeal chef...heehee.

Here's a few more play by play photos - just look at that spooning technique!


  1. What a big girl using her bowl and spoon!

  2. Gina left out the part where she wants to sit in a regular chair, and not in her booster, and has been eating off of the regular plates too

  3. Claire you are welcome at Grandma Ca Ca's table anytime. Good Job !


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