Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sledding 101

Lots more photos to see after the jump!

Shooting photos with the snow (or any white background) is so tough for me. I like to use the "P" setting on my camera, or aperture priority but I took a chance and left it in full manual. Aside from some blurriness I'm really happy with the results! I have no clue why the photos usually come out so grainy and dark when the lighting seems so perfect. One of my New Year's resolution was to learn to use my camera's manual settings so I'm on my way...just have to whip out that guide book.

This is one of my favorite photos, you can see Claire is just wide eyed with excitement, it makes me excited for the next snowfall (did I just write that?!)

Do we have a future adrenaline junky on our hands? The sled really picked up speed going down the hill, luckily Damon was at the bottom to stop any runaways.

The long trek back up the hill, made sweeter with helping hands.

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