Sunday, January 23, 2011

Through Her Eyes

I wrote shortly after Christmas about Claire’s excitement after receiving a digital camera for Christmas from her Aunt Nikki and Uncle Matt. I finally got around to taking a look at what she’s been photographing and I laughed out loud at many of the images and marveled over the beauty of the “everyday” she captured. I’d like to think I was looking through her eyes at things that are important to her: family, friends, animals, her special toys and favorite places in our home…

Claire Camera Pics1

We're glimpsing happiness as she smooshes her face close to ours to fill her camera’s frame, excitement as she stalks her grandparents’ kitties, pride in a stack of clean dishes after lunch.

…and perhaps remorse at this unidentified bit of food on the floor? Haha!

The photos are too small to blow up and frame, but I’m cherishing this little glimpse into her world (and happy to record it here, of course!)
Claire Camera Pics
“Why did you take pictures of the carpet and the floor, Claire?”
“Because that is where I sit on the colors.”

Oh. I see…sort of.

Even home with Claire full time she’s her own little spirit now, independent (fiercely so some days) and I’m often on the outside looking in. It’s fascinating to have the camera reversed and to see through the eyes of a three year old -- I find having a little one around tends to open your eyes up to something unexpected, do you?

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  1. She's quite the little photographer isn't she? I am very impressed. What a great gift! Kudos to Aunt Nikki and Uncle Matt for the idea. I am sure this is going to provide Claire with hours of fun.


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